Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things are finally falling into place...phew.

(my boys at a birthday party last weekend)

So, as of late I've felt completely and utterly disheveled. I've been so busy with kid stuff and life stuff that I barely know what day it is. Honestly, it's no use going into all the things that have cluttered my mind because as moms, daughters, sisters, wives etc. we all deal with a million different things in a week... you all know what I'm talking about. Just life baby. It's taken me by surprise because usually I have everything buttoned up but not so much lately. However, the tide has changed. The wind has shifted. Fall is here and I'm ready...ready to Rock and Roll and take on the "08/"09 year ahead.

Hunter has begun a drop off program 3 x a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. It's called an Organized Playgroup....he LOVES it and so do I. Just a few hours of freedom a few times a week is the best! This month my Mom's 60th is coming up, we have another trip to the Cape, we are looking at a few more rentals here in CT until our house in MA sells, we have a family reunion and we are headed out to San Francisco to visit with friends and take H back to where he was born. Lot's of fun stuff ahead! looking forward to posting about them all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Wow. I have gotten so many sweet emails wondering where I am. Truthfully, I'm here. Didn't go anywhere. I've just been so darn busy with lot's of life going on that blogging has been the one thing on my plate that seems to have gotten shrugged off for the moment. I've been checking up on you all frequently and will continue to do so regularly within the next few days! I promise to fill you in on my "goings on"...until then...thanks for checking in and I'll see you tomorrow:) xxx