Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mini Sanity Break

What a day so far! I had a babysitter come today so that I could have a little "me" time. I had NO plans. It was a great time had by me. This was my day so far... I drove to New Caanan and went shopping on Elm Street. It's an adorable street with boutiques, book stores, stationary stores, shoe stores, get the drift. I lucked out at JCrew and purchased a few lovlies. Then I grabbed an iced french vanilla coffee and browsed in the bookstore for 45 minutes...yes, I said 45 minutes...ahhh bliss! I haven't done that in ages. I bought two copies of Gift From The Sea because I can't find both of my copies...they must still be packed in boxes somewhere. I also bought a beach-read called Barefoot. (I'll let you know how it is-probably next January when I finish it) Then I grabbed some sushi for lunch. I drove back to Darien and hit the Darien Sports Shop, just browsed. Then I popped in a designer consignment shop and scored a pair of James Jeans. Okay, they retail for an average of $186.00 and I nabbed them for....wait for it.....$36.00. OH SNAP! I do have to have them taken in a pinch but it's worth it! Now I'm back with my peanut who's napping and I can't wait for him to get up so we can play. Then we are going to the gym later on where he will play with his buddies in the kiddie area. This may sound like a super boring day to many but let me tell you, it's been such a lax and lovely day for me. What a treat! Every now and then you just need some 'nuthin to do time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family, Friends, Fun!

Well, we had a terrific time on our quick getaway. We went to Cape Cod for a night, then to Duxbury for 2 nights (one night sans child-woo-hoo!) and then back to CT. Hunter had so much fun with Poppy on his boat and at the beach...they are like old pals together...Hunter tries to drag him everywhere when actually he's only a half a step behind him. Poppy adores his little grandson. Seeing them together melts me. It made me completely rethink moving here for good. H also had a ball with all of the rest of his grandparents-we are so lucky that they all adore him and love to spend so much time with him too.

The Mr. played in a member/guest golf tourney at our Yacht Club. He invited a good friend of ours from Duxbury to be his team mate. They came in 3rd in their flight and more importantly loved every minute of it! Lots of laughs. We had a dinner to go to with this couple and we just adore them. So many laughs, too many cocktails and just a plain good time. Another reason that made me wonder about planting ourselves here.

We also stopped by our house that we have rented out. The renters are friends of ours and are taking very good care of the house-phew! It was a little bittersweet to see the house. I hadn't seen all of our renovations or landscaping that were completed a few months ago. It all looked amazing and again made me miss it. Hmm. We'll see where we end up...either place will be terrific I'm sure as long as my boys are with me.

Anyway, here are some pics from our day with Poppy! Enjoy and have a great day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back again!

Well, we made it back to CT. We had a blast on Cape Cod and when we went to visit our old town of Duxbury. Soooo tired from all of the running around etc., I will be sure to update a detailed post tomorrow! Hope you all had a super weekend! I can't believe that the 4th of July is less than 2 weeks away-WHAT???!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mad dash for MA!

Oh we go again. Literally! Hunter and I are up and adam early tomorrow am to head to our old town to visit friends for lunch and a play date. (This is a 3.5 hour drive for a play date mind you. Hello DVD's!) Then we head to Cape Cod for a family dinner and Hunt and I will spend Friday am with Poppy on his boat. After that we are headed to meet the Mr. back in our old town for a golf tournament that he is playing in. And Sunday we will make the trek back here to CT. Glad these long drives will be it for a while! Well, off to the gym and then finish packing! Oh yeah....and I'm hosting a play date here this afternoon-what was I thinking????? Hope you have a super Wednesday!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Martha's Vineyard Recap

Our hotel: The Harborview Hotel in Edgartown

The Lobby at The Harborview

View of Lighthouse Beach from the Hotel

Again, Lighthouse Beach

A view of Edgartown Harbor

Some random Vineyard house

A few lovely window boxes on Water Street

The "Wheelhouse" garage on Water Street

Chappy Beach Club where my parents met and fell in love

Us at dinner at the Seafood Shanty

Us after about 17 cocktails

A view of Edgartown from the Beach

Me on the beach

The Mr. checking out the harbor

The Mr. walking back to the Harborview

What a trip! Martha's Vineyard is magical, there are so many beautiful spots on the Island that will take your breath away. I hope you too get to visit your oasis this summer...and if not just be sure to enjoy the view from wherever you are!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hello! I'm back from a wonderful week and a half on Martha's Vineyard! The dust has just started to settle and I will have a new post ASAP! Can't wait to catch up on all the blogs:)

Happy Friday!