Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Headed to the Cape

Yup, I'm off to the Cape tomorrow....at some point! I have a Dr's apt. in Boston so Mom (a.k.a. Earth Angel) is taking the little man for the day and I'm headed into town to shop (watch out Newbury Street and Charles Street) and then hopefully make my appointment (wink-wink)! The Mr. is out of town on biz so I'm going to head down to the Cape after my day in Boston and stay a few days-very excited! I'm going to finish a few Pink Lobster orders, get my hair fixed (way too blonde right now-we're talking Shakira roots-not a good look) and relax a little. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Okay, off to pack and head to bed! Ciao!

All at once.....again!

Ever feel like everything is coming at you all at once? I'm feeling it. I'm not complaining....just venting a little. I used to be super organized, scheduled, I looked pretty presentable, focused...and now most days I feel extremely unorganized, I'm not sure what day it is, messy and well, unfocused. I'm thinking this is due to the fact that I have an almost 18 month old? At least I hope it is because I have nothing else to blame it on:) Hopefully, I'll find balance soon because not being able to do everything is killing me. I guess I need to really weed out all the truly important stuff and let the other things go....like ironing my bed linens with lavendar linen spray. It's just not gonna happen on a regular basis anymore unless I get a fairy cleaning lady...do they make those? If so send one my way PLEASE!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Quote about the beach that I found...

"If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves."


Sand Man

I think it may be a right of passage for kids to eat as much sand as possible at the beach. Do you agree? Please say yes. Seriously, I was worried at first then I realized he was sort of enjoying it. So, I just let it go. Lots of sand has been eaten instead of PB&J's. Luckily he seems to have slowed down in that department...for the time being at least. Hunter and I have been hitting the beach by day and tonight the Mr. came along, we met friends and we all had dinner on the beach. It was excellent! I sware this time of the year is one of the main reasons I LOVE living near the beach. Love to just hang out on the beach, play with the munchkin and take in the sounds of the surf. Nothing better. However, I was quite a terrible SPF applier on myself today...I made sure Hunter was covered but when I got home today I realized I was SPF challenged. I have burn lines on my legs and chest...it's a great look if you're trying to scare your husband away and look like a total ass:) Okay, off to bed:tired from the Sun(burn):)