Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Pink Lobster"

That's it!!! I finally named my jewelry company-I just love the name! (The line is designed to be classic preppy, yummy to look at, upscale, fun jewelry.) I'm very excited because I have my first trunk show booked for April and it looks as if there will be a few to follow-very exciting! I'm in the process of having a ton of beads delivered that I ordered and will be heading into Boston to the wholesale jewelry district this week. So much to do before 4/15! I did contact a designer from San Francisco and she's going to design my company logo and business card. Things are progressing nicely...can't wait to post some photos of my designs in a few weeks! Well, that's my update on the biz...cheers!


Theresa said...

Hi, just stopped by and loved reading your blog. I'm moving to CT next month.

If you have a website for your jewelry let me know, I'm always interested in more jewelry, lol.

Beth G. said...

Thanks for your post Theresa! Good luck with your move to CT. I will be sure to update you with my jewelry as the line unfolds...hopefully a website will be in the works...until then I will post photos and info on my blog. Thanks for your interest!

Cloggsy said...

I think it's a great name. Definitely catch with the preppy crowd!