Friday, April 13, 2007

So, how weird is this?

In my post yesterday I was wishing for Hunter to wake up so he would end up snuggling with Mama the rest of the night while Dad is out of town...well, low and behold the little bugger awoke at 1:30am for some odd reason...nightmare maybe? Anyway, he came into sleep with me and I must say...the boy is morphing into his father more and more every day. I'm going to say it...the kid is a thrasher, constant roller, cover hogging little peanut. Don't misunderstand me, HE was sleeping through all of this, but guess who wasn' guessed it....ME! At 3 am it got a little old but seriously I must be completely mad because I really did love it. He woke up this morning calling out for "Da" which I immediately forgave after I received a spontaneous hug and kiss from him followed by that toothy smile that I love. Good stuff.

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