Thursday, November 29, 2007

Construction is almost done on this house, moving to a new one next week. Hmm.

So, finally back on line. Computer files have been transfered to my new MacBook and feel connected to the world again:) As I mentioned, our major renovations are almost complete...just in time to move. That's a sick joke on us. After living through 7 months of renovations we don't even get to enjoy our house because we're leaving to move to Rowayton. Oh well...hopefully we'll be back in a year and a half to start phase 2 of the renovations...if not that means we are loving CT and we might just stay for good. I think it's a good situation either way.

The packers arrive Tue, and we move Wed. and Thurs. Wish us luck:)

On another note...this old lady is turning 37 on Saturday....can't wait actually. Looks like I'm celebrating with friends Fri night, my husband Sat night and Tue night more fun, fun, fun with friends!!! Hopefully, I'll have some b-day pics to post next week.

Okay, off to make jewelry and x-mas shop on line:) Ciao!


hqm said...

Welcome of luck with your move and most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kimba Rimba said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've been checking back daily and am so happy you're back on line!!!