Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally settling into CT

Well, we made it through the move. Unfortunately, little man H got sick...first bug of the season...no fun. As a rule I would have had our entire house unpacked, cleaned, decorated (x-mas decorations included) etc., but it's taken a little longer with the little one being sick and my husband travelling like a mad man. Fine with me though. I'm getting ready to join some parents group, hit the library hour and of course finish some x-mas jewelry orders tomorrow. Oh yeah, and my x-mas cards...I love them and was on the ball and special ordered them over a month ago and now I can't find the disk with the picture of Hunter we plan to use. Hmmm, moving blows. Did I mention that we are having house guests arrive tomorrow...um, yeah.

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Kimba Rimba said...

Guest already! Enjoy this is a "happy" time! :)