Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cape Update

Well, we had a ball on the Cape. I grabbed a tall skinny caramel latte and Hunter and I hit the highway around 11am Friday. (I can't remember the blog I read about the Skinny lattes on but THANKS, I love 'em!) We were there in 3.5 hrs. No stopping, no crying...great ride all around. My parents were super and so happy to see Hunter, he LOVES them so much. He is quite into his grandfather "Poppy" right now. He just wants to hang around him. It's very sweet. Poppy took Hunter to a work site with about 30 bulldozers, diggers, excavators etc. All of the trucks were parked for the weekend and there was no body around working so they went on these huge trucks and Hunter lost his mind he was so excited. All was perfect on the trucks until H decided to push buttons and set off one of the alarms....let me tell you it was loud! We left shortly after:) The rest of the weekend was very low key. Shopping, hanging out, dinners...lot's of fun. And the ride back....once again supah! No crying...I actually let him watch the movie "The Reef" and he was loving it.....score! The bad news is that I forgot my time!


The Mrs. said...

Sounds like everything went swimmingly well! Hard to believe sometimes right?!

Beth G. said...

VERY hard to believe:) Phew!