Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you ever count your lucky stars?

I do. Most every day in fact. I don't know how I got so lucky (and I do mean lucky) but I truly couldn't have a better family or friends. To me that's everything, icing on my (preferably vanilla) cupcake of life. I have to admit since having my son Hunter, life became much clearer and my focus less blurred. I won't lie, it took a few months to adjust to mommyhood. It's harder than any job I've ever had, but more rewarding than I could ever dream. Everyday I look at my little man and my heart melts. Two days ago, when "H" awoke, I carried his sleepy little body into bed with me to snuggle, as we were lying next to eachother with our noses almost touching he leaned into me for the first time, smiled and gave me a kiss. Ahhhh, the joy. This past year and a half has been a wild ride. I became pregnant after years of trying, left my job in Advertising, became a mom, we bought our first house and moved cross country when our son was 4 months old leaving sunny San Francisco to move to the suburbs of Boston. Changes galore. You know what? Everything is falling into place. I'm missing my SF girlfriends like crazy (thank God for the internet and cell phones) and I miss SF, but not like I used to. As of late my husband and I have really started to feel settled. Our families are close by and we are meeting new friends. This is the good stuff. The really good stuff.

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