Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trying not to miss a beat

What fun we had today! Two of my girlfriends came over with their kids for a playdate/momdate. The kids all had a blast and so did the moms. It really is hilarious having conversations these days while simultaneously watching kids. It's communication a good way though. While attempting to keep an eye on your child you try and have an adult conversation... and in your excitement to be talking about something other than diapers and naps you spew out a million and one topics, all the while realizing that you've turned into a multi-channel conversationalist. That's just how it has to be done though, otherwise life happens and I get sidetracked and/or I completely forget what I wanted to mention. All in all, we had lots of laughs and I'm looking forward to our get together next week. After our company left Hunter and I were playing and I couldn't resist taking pictures of him-he just laughs at everything and smiles like he's constantly being tickled. He tickles me.

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