Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Again!

Well, I've been MIA for a while. I mentioned to my blog friend "The Mrs." that I've been feeling quite overwhelmed lately with life. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I like to do everything as best as I can and a lot of times this leaves me exhausted and frustrated because sometimes I just can't do it all. Well, I'm happy to report I'm fine now, better than fine actually. With a little help-I had an Oprah "Ah Ha" moment and I know that asking for help and maybe not ironing the bed linens 100% of the time is fine and taking care of "you" should come before laundry. So, I'm trying this approach and it's working for me. To all of you super moms and just plain super ladys out there doing a great job of taking care of your family and friends don't forget to take good care of you!

On another note, I read this today and I thought I'd pass it along. I think I'm pretty good about this but it never hurts to hear these steps again. We should all make sure to cherish precious moments. If you don't they'll slip away and might not become part of the wonderful memories engraved in your heart.

How to Cherish Precious Moments
By Tena Green

A Precious Moment

Life is made up of special moments which make it worth living. Sadly, there are many cherished moments that are missed due to the stress and fast pace of daily living. In order to better cherish life’s precious moments, try these steps.
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Things You’ll Need:
Lust for Life

Step 1

Pay attention and always remember you only have so much time on this earth. This will help you identify magic moments so you can treasure them as they happen.

Step 2

Open your eyes and look at life with wonder. Everything around you is a miracle when you observe it with childlike wonder.

Step 3

Be cheerful and refuse to ride the roller coaster. It’s much easier to distinguish those lovely moments and appreciate them when you are optimistic.

Step 4

Laugh. Laughter will bring you happiness and happiness will bring more precious moments in your lifetime.

Step 5

Invite adventure and enjoy it. Like laughter, adventure will bring magic moments to your life and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Step 6

Smile. Smiling encourages people to talk to you, opening new doors and possibilities for cherished moments with new people.

Step 7

Life is precious and people come and go in your life only to bring you special moments. Welcome these people and what they bring to your life.

Step 8

Love the people who are close to you and even some who aren’t.


The Mrs. said...

I just want to bawl over your post. I am struggling like you and know I need to let some things go. This is a wonderful way to look at life. xo

Cindy said...

Please tell me you do not iron bed linens. Please!! Because if you do, you should stop that AT ONCE.

Glad you had your ah-ha moment. My mom always says she wishes she had cared less about what her home looked like when we were little and spent more time having fun with us. And the sad thing is, I don't remember a home particularly clean; I just remember a mother very angry most of the time. I think we're living in a healthier generation though.

Happy Homemaker said...

So true! What great advice!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Even though I don't have a family yet, I can totally relate to being a perfectionist. We set such high standards for everything it seems. Some things have to give, you know! I've simplified my life in many ways to help me out or otherwise, I get overwhelmed. I'm glad you had a moment and that you are treating yourself better or as good as you treat everyone else. You deserve it!