Friday, May 2, 2008

My plan for today.

This was H last week putting the moves on his friend K during their play date.

Well, unfortunately I'm feeling like a single mom this week. The Mr. was traveling last Thurs-this he's gone again (trip to CA) and not home until tomorrow morning. We miss him around here, it's really hard not having that hour break at night that I usually get when the Mr. rushes home to put Hunter to bed. The little man has also been waking up with some bad dreams lately and won't calm down unless I sleep with him. So, I haven't gotten too much sleep this week. I'm a little grouchy, good thing he's such a sweet boy. Here in CT today it's rainy out. I've decided to take Hunter to a kid's museum not too far away that he loves...he usually runs himself ragged which I'm hoping he does so that he'll nap. Then we have a play date from 4-6. Then we are home for dinner, bath, books and bed. I'm already excited to climb into bed, watch a little TV, read a little and sleep a lot. Very exciting huh?

Happy Weekend!


hqm said...

That actually sounds like a perfect night to me!

The Mrs. said...

Sounds like a good plan! Tagged you!

Anonymous said...

Reading a little and sleeping a lot sounds like a VERY exciting plan to me! I know it's hard when the little ones have bad dreams. Be thankful your's at least sleeps with you. I've tried everything to get my little man to sleep with me, but he prefers his space :(

Cindy said...

She doesn't look too upset about it! What a cutie!

I've been tagged by the Mrs. too--see you in the fridge!

hot potato said...

life with little ones is so unpredictable. but it's the moments where they "need" you that are so precious even if it costs you the best of you. you are a great mom--

i hope your time alone tonight is what it needs to be.

here's to a happy weekend.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

A cozy night a home is always nice! So many of my girlfriends are alone a lot due to their traveling husbands. It will be nice when he returns!

Cute photo!