Friday, June 8, 2007

Sand Man

I think it may be a right of passage for kids to eat as much sand as possible at the beach. Do you agree? Please say yes. Seriously, I was worried at first then I realized he was sort of enjoying it. So, I just let it go. Lots of sand has been eaten instead of PB&J's. Luckily he seems to have slowed down in that department...for the time being at least. Hunter and I have been hitting the beach by day and tonight the Mr. came along, we met friends and we all had dinner on the beach. It was excellent! I sware this time of the year is one of the main reasons I LOVE living near the beach. Love to just hang out on the beach, play with the munchkin and take in the sounds of the surf. Nothing better. However, I was quite a terrible SPF applier on myself today...I made sure Hunter was covered but when I got home today I realized I was SPF challenged. I have burn lines on my legs and's a great look if you're trying to scare your husband away and look like a total ass:) Okay, off to bed:tired from the Sun(burn):)

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