Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach Blanket Bingo

So, we went to the beach this am. Love that place. Love, love, love. From 10:30-1pm....had lunch there too and the little man fell asleep for his nap on the way home...he's still sleeping...quiet time...three cheers for me! For some reason Hunter has been getting up EVERY night for the past three weeks at midnight and 3pm and I end up taking him out of his crib and he falls asleep next to me instantly. It's great that he falls asleep so quickly when he's next to me but he keeps ME up! He rolls all over me which makes it hard to go back to sleep. I'm starting to feel like I'm running on empty. I have the worst time letting him cry which means this nightime thing may be my own fault. Oh well, I'm sure it will figure itself out. On another note we are headed to Vermont on Thursday to visit family. I never look forward to the car ride with an 18 month old but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun once we get there. We will be with family thurs. and Fri and then we have a wedding to attend on Saturday. My inlaws are watching Hunter for the night so it will be a nice treat to hang with the husband solo:) Vermont here we come! (Hunter please start sleeping for Mama.)


Preppy Napkin said...

I am glad to find your site. Good luck with your jewerly business!

hqm said...

So glad you are back!