Monday, July 30, 2007

Is it really July 30th???

W O W......time flies. This has been such a busy summer so far I'm not sure where it's gone. I've felt so out of the loop lately because I haven't been online for quite some time...for a few reasons...but I'm back. For good. For real. Things have been a little hectic around here. After our sad news last month we got some exciting news (funny how life does that) better half got a big promotion and we are moving to CT (he will commute to NYC). It's pretty exciting even though we are in the middle of a massive revovation on our home here in MA and we love where we live. Luckily, my husbands company is being flexible and we don't have to move until Jan. 1. Yea...holidays will be here close to family!!! Looks like my other half will have an apt. in NYC starting in will be tough having him in NYC a lot but I'm so excitied to take the little guy with me on trips to see him in the big apple. There's so much to do there it's ridiculous. And the shopping isn't bad either;) I also recently found out that I will be holding a trunk show in NY in September in which part of the proceeds will benefit The Ronald McDonald great! And I'm in the process of lining up a trunk show late Nov. or early Dec. in this area. I mean why not make myself crazy busy...renovation, moving, trunk shows, travel and an 18 month old. It's good stuff. No complaints...I actually work better under pressure which means these coming months should be a breeze-wink, wink! Hope you fellow bloggers are having a wonderful summer...I'm glad to be back...and thank you for your kind emails recently, just lovely.

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hot potato said...

i just caught up on your blog, i'm glad to have you back. sounds like quite a lot is happening for you guys... how exciting.

i hope you have fun in vermont. it gets easier in the car with the little ones once they can watch something on a portable dvd player. your little boy may still be too small to sit that long and be entertained... not for long. much luck to you.