Monday, July 30, 2007


So the Mr. and I are planning on looking at places in Darien, CT...anyone have any thoughts on the area or surrounding area? I know zip about CT.


Suz said...

My college boyfriend was from Darien. Great town! There is a wonderful sandwich place called Uncle's Deli - best bacon/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich I've ever had. Very cute "downtown" area; its great being so close to the beach, we'd bike down to Orchard Beach all the time, plus the driving commute is so easy and there is the commuter rail. Good luck with househunting.

P in VT said...

Hi, I happend upon your blog when you commented on Beth's blog about the Beach!

My boyfriend lived in Darien last year and I have two great friends who live there now. I love it, and so do they! Plus, the Darien Sports Shop is one of the best shopping places EVER! It's close to NYC but it's really quite quaint.

And you're coming to VT- - wonderful!