Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I was "nurse Beth" in NYC

WARNING: kinda long.

Yeah, you read that right. Little old me became a certified nurse for two nights and two days in NYC this past week. My super husband planned to whisk me away to NYC for two nights sans the little man for a little R&R and fun to boot. Well, his body had other plans. Unfortunately, he got hit hard with the flu. Miserable. So, we ended up staying in our Hotel Room most of the time. It was a huge bummer but honestly, I was just happy to be with him for a few days. Just wished he felt better. Anyway, we are already looking forward to another trip into the city without disruption.

That said, I have a few stories from my travels. So, I'm in Darien waiting for the train to take me into NY to meet the Mr. I'm all gussied up with my gear in tow waiting for the train to arrive when two men saunter near me and drop their briefcases on the ground while both heavy in conversation on their respective cell phones. They were not trying to keep their voices low. In fact, I think they may have been tying to alert Russia of their business trysts. One of the men speaks into his cell phone so loud..."Hey, Jimmy...we got the proposal and it looks f-ing great! John and I have been looking it over and were so excited that we've been dry humping it like two dogs in heat for the past two hours. Nice job buddy, we're gonna nail this shit into the coffin. This deal is sealed. See you in an hour-can't wait to celebrate!" Thank God I was wearing my Jackie O sunglasses because I couldn't help but stare at these two buffoons out of the corner of my eye. I kid you not when I tell you I did laugh out loud. I also looked at them like they were complete idiots. I'm convinced they still thought they were two smooth as velvet business tycoons. Good luck to you fellas.

Finally got on the train. My first train ride to Grand Central. So easy. I daydreamed and people watched. It was great. I arrived at Grand Central and felt like Mary Tyler Moore in the big city, free as a bee and so excited to explore. Phone rings. It's the Mr. he's at work and still sounds like he has the Flu from hell. He's planning on meeting me at the Hotel prior to the work dinner that we were to attend (yes, he was sick but he didn't tell any of his colleagues...men). I dropped my bags off with the bell hop at the Waldorf Astoria and B-lined it for 5th Avenue. I'm no dummy. I "happened" to walk right into Saks Fifth Avenue. I love it there. First of all great shopping experience once again. Found a terrific Marc Jacobs top, snagged it. Then I met a really nice woman from NY shopping as well and I asked her if she knew of a place near by to get a mani & pedi. Immediately she pulled out her phone and said "I know just the place and I'm making the appointment for you right now"! My jaw dropped...and I asked myself "wait, do strangers really do this"? Apparently, so. Her name was Vivi, thanks Vivi, you made my day...great place you sent me to! After my mani/pedi I proceeded to Starbucks to grab a Skinny Vanilla Latte and cruise more stores. So much fun. I went to Dylans Candy store and was in sour patch candy heaven. The window filled with bling at Harry Winstons was so amazing that I got whip-lash. It was worth it. How could you not spy something there? I basically shopped till I dropped. Went back to the hotel, dressed and met the Mr. for his work dinner. It was great. We ate at a place called Danube. It was Austrian inspired, very funky. Then we...wait for it....went back to the hotel and slept. That's right, we may have been the only kids in NY heading in while everyone else is heading out. That's okay though, next time.

Friday I was literally bumming around the city all over again and the Mr. came out of the hotel for lunch and dinner...both a block from where we were staying. After both meals he crawled back into bed. Poor guy. We ordered No Country For Old Men on the TV and watched it. It was great. He's all better now by the way. Not 100% but I'll give him a 90%. We left Saturday am to get back to CT. It was an easy trip.

All in all NY was great, just a downer that we couldn't have more fun together. We are determined to make it happen next time:) I missed the little man too...good to be back stealing hugs from him!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Oh, sorry about that! Sounds like you made the most of it! I hope he is feeling better!

I love Dylan's Candy Bar... When I lived back there, I took the train from Stanford quite often and it was fun. We in Chicago have a few of those "loud talker" business going ons too. Funny it is!

Vita Fortunata said...

Hi. I just found your blog. Your NYC weekend sounds fantastic, except for the sick part. At least you got to relax in an awesome hotel knowing your son was with the grandparents.

The Mrs. said...

good for you for getting away...but I can't believe hubby was sick!