Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it really Wednesday?

Wow. This week is flying by for me. Must be those Summer Sassy's come 5pm that have been warp speeding me into the next day. Yeah, that's right I've been crushing fresh mint all week long so far come cocktail time! Anyway, Hunter and I are headed to Westport today to do a little (return/exchane) shopping thing at JCrew and then check out some other stores...after we hit the Children's Museum of course. It's sooooo beautiful here and tomorrow is supposed to get up to at least 70-the beach playground will be our home tomorrow:) Our neighbors across the street are throwing a cocktail party for us on Saturday to introduce us to the neighborhood and all that jazz-super nice of them huh? The Mr. and I got a sitter and are planning on going out to dinner after the party-YEA!!!!!!! And in two weeks another woman is having a party for Hunter and I to introduce us to a bunch of Moms and kids. Again, super nice! It's Spring-people are officially coming out of the woodwork-I love it! The Mr. leaves next Thurs. for his annual golf tournament with his best friends, 4 nights 5 days. He has no idea how good he's got it! If I left here for 4 nights and left child and house in his hands...well, I don't even want to think about it. So, back to the golf trip...he's headed to San Diego. As much as I tease him for leaving me for that long I'm so glad he does it. He had a really great group of guy friends and they all have such an amazing time together. Their trip is called SWAC: Southwest Annual Classic. It's been going on since before we tied the knot. They have hats embroidered, golf shirts made and someone always wins the flask at the end of the trip and that gets engraved too. They are quite a group those "SWAC" boys! His trip is making me so excited for my little girls reunion in Boston this summer:) Okay, off to shower and hit the road. Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Who doesn't love a little Hydrangea!!!???


jilly said...

Oh I love me a little Hydrangea! I SO miss the blue and periwinkle. We have green and white here (SO boring). Hope you have a good Wednesday!

The Mrs. said...

Love Westport. I have shopped there many times! So cute...I think you need to get your own girls club and have your won outings! Only fair! How great of all your friends and the cocktail parties!