Friday, April 11, 2008

It was a bust.

Well, as mentioned above the trunk show in Weston sucked. All of the vendors did poorly compared to what they usually do at these kinds of shows (which kind of made me feel better). There were great vendors there: CK Bradley, Ellabelle Creations, Fruit Punch Deigns, Notables, Chickabrooms, Smathers and Bronson, Nantucket Wild Gourmet, & Deux Amis and me... Pink Lobster. Unfortunately, turnout was horrible and my location was basically in a closet. Kidding about the closet... but really... my space was awful. I sold about 7 items. That was BBAAAAADDD. Oh well. Onwards and upwards! I'm not going to think about it much because it's done. Time to think about my next booking:)

On a brighter note....Hunter had a BALL with my parents this past weekend on the Cape. They took him into Boston for a photo shoot and this was one of the pics taken. Can't wait to see the rest because this one freaks me out a little. He looks about 5 (he's only 2.3 yrs. old). And that hair...OH....MY.....GOD....should I have that cut? I just love long hair on little guys!!??

Happy Weekend to all!


Andie said...

Oh that cute hair! I say no cutting. But I have a mop-headed 2.5 year old, and I cannot bring myself to cut off her golden sun bleached locks from LAST summer.

Anonymous said...

Don't cut it! It's too cute!

hot potato said...

i think he is so beautiful. i keep my son's hair on the long side so my vote is to keep it as is.

sorry about the trunk show. you win some, you loose some. i remember my sister having some crappy shows too (preppy potato).

have a great weekend.

The Mrs. said...

Well, since hes pretty enough to be a girl I say you have to cut it a little! a little!

jilly said...

Oh he is adorable!

Say, I am not sure when it is, but there was always this great show at Wilton HS, there were always a ton of vendors. That might be one worth looking into.

Hope the next one is better!

Mrs.Preppy said...

His is adorable! I love the hair and as long as it is shorter than Ryder Hudson's hair, you are in good shape!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

What a CUTIE!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

No his hair is fine and he's adorable!

Just don't let it get to Ryder's length. It's long and straight and just looks awful!

hqm said...

Yikes...I have had those type of trunk shows, too! Frustrating!
Your son is so sweet...his hair is precious!