Monday, May 21, 2007

Little man down for the count

My poor little man and I were sharing what I thought was such a sweet moment today and then it turned a little sour, literally. He didn't seem himself and I knew he was tired so we were laying down on the couch together side by side and I was rubbing his head hoping he might nap. He was giving me kisses which is too cute because now he makes the "kissing sound" and he knows he's got it down, and I'd ask him where my eyes were and my nose and he'd touch them with his little hands. Anyway, long story short...within a few minutes of this cuddle session he vomited everywhere. The poor kid. I HATE when he gets sick. It honestly kills me. He's not talking yet (only a few words) and it just tears me up that he can't tell me what's wrong. He started crying because he was scared and continued to get sick again and my stomach actually ached for him. Then all he wanted to do for an hour was snuggle in my arms until he finally fell asleep and napped for almost 2 hours. He awoke and has been fine ever since...fingers crossed it was a quick bug that he got. Did I mention that during all of this our contractors showed up early (does that EVER happen with contractors-I think NOT) and started demo on our house which lasted all day(renovating/addition going on). Suffice to say, it was challenging taking care of my little man the way a mom does best when they get sick with 30 strangers working on our house. But, I did my best.


pink daisies said...

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hot potato said...

uhhgg... i have been there. i hope he is feeling okay by now. it's very hard when they can't express to you exactly how they feel.