Friday, May 4, 2007

Made In San Francisco, again?

Well, we've just returned from a trip to SF which happens to be our old home. A pinch of pleasure was thrown into the trip but mainly we were out there trying to expand our family. Why travel across the country you ask? Well, in order for us to have had Hunter we had to do IVF (no complaints we got H out of it!) and in doing so we had a few embryos which were left over from the process...we decided to freeze them and store them in SF.'s crazy... it's Austin Powers style crazy! Anyway, we flew out to SF last week to give it another shot after a month of prep with medication. My husband is officially a Doctor now, he's an expert at administering my daily injections. Seriously, I mean it he's really good, I barely feel the injections. (insert minor complaint here) However... the aftermath of the shots makes my ass feel like I have a bunch of rocks in it from all the shots but who's looking anyways:) Long story short all went well, we're back and we're just crossing our fingers for some good news! I happened to find this T-shirt at a little baby boutique in Noe Valley and I had to get it for's so perfect since he was conceived and born in SF:) Can't wait to see the little man in his new tee. Hopefully someday another little one of our's can wear this tee too!

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hqm said...

Hi...just found your blog! My fingers and toes are crossed that good news will be on the way!
On another note...when will Pink Lobster be availabe?? Just beautiful!